Friday, May 20, 2011

Wii Mote Tote

I designed this for a Ravelry swap partner this past March. It is designed to hold 4 wii motes, however, due to the nature of knitted fabric, this tote can hold more than 4.

~ 1 cone Peaches & Creme cotton yarn (100% cotton, 14oz/396g, approx 690 yds) in color 213 Sour Green Apple
~ size US 7 set of 5 DPNs (or set of 4 and a short circular needle to act as a 5th DPN)
~ size G crochet hook
~ scrap yarn in a contrasting color, yarn needle

CO 28
Row 1: (K1, sl1 pwise wyif) across, turn. Note: If you are a knitter who usually slips the first st in each row DO NOT DO SO HERE! The first K st is necessary to the formation of the base

Rep row 1 for about 4"

Next row: Work from here on out proceeds in rounds. Needle 1 ssk across, DO NOT TURN, Needle 2 PU 22 sts (or an even # of sts, one from each V) along side of base, Needle 3 PU 14 sts from beg CO, Needle 4 PU 22 sts (or same # of sts picked up on needle 2) along last side of base. Turn so that the ridge on the WS of pick up round is now on the RS.

Work even in St st (K every round) rounds for 9"

Next round (eyelet round): (yo, k2tog) around.

Work even in St st for another 1", BO.

Using size G crochet hook, crochet a chain 100 chs long (thereabouts, doesn't have to be exact), Fasten off leaving a tail about the same length as the beginning tail. Weave chain in and out of eyelet round, tie end tails together. Trim tails to approx 2 1/4" if they aren't that length already.

Using contrasting yarn and yarn needle, embroider "Wii Motes" on bag (but without quotation marks)

Weave in all ends except chain tails.