Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to School

Well, time for a life update . . . sorta. :P

I have officially gone back to school to get an AAS degree from PCC in Computer Applications and Office Systems, focusing on the Office Professional track. Winter 2012 is my first term, and I am taking 3 classes. Business 101, College Algebra, and Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern. I could probably test out of math completely, but there are parts of College Algebra that I never learned in high school (why I did not learn them is beyond me). So that's why I'm taking that class. And the fun thing about the History class, it has gotten me wanting to play Age of Empires II. Yes, I am a gamer, and proud of it! Some of the things I find really cool about the history is how some of the people mentioned in my textbook have campaigns in Age II! For example, Frederick Barbarossa and Saladin, both on opposite sides of the same Crusade (the 3rd one). So see? Computer games can be educational! :D Introduction to Business. Pretty self explanatory. Learning about business, and later we'll be getting into more detailed and complicated aspects of business [It's the American way! *whispering* Oh, it is the British way! . . . Muppet Christmas Carol for those of you who are wondering. lol]

Non-school updates: Still knitting like a mad woman, no surprise there. I'm designing more patterns, and one pattern I'm particularly excited about is a mystery sock I'm designing for a KAL in April and May for a group on Ravelry. The pattern will be inspired by a book character, Cheery Littlebottom, from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Another exciting pattern update, a different pattern I designed, a sock called Hood River, has been chosen to be published in a book called "American Gift Knitting" published by/through Planet Purl. :D

I have new jobs (the orthodontic one only lasted a few months), although one I will be resigning from really soon, that one is at Banana Republic at the Woodburn Outlet Mall. But it's a 1/2 hour drive one direction and for only 2-3 hours of work. Not worth it, IMHO. But I will be holding onto and getting more hours at my other job, McDonald's in my hometown. And believe it or not, I actually enjoy my job at McDonald's quite a bit.

Let's see, I've actually opened my Etsy shop, Wyvern Wool, so that's exciting. Haven't sold anything yet though; less exciting.

I think that's about it. :) Thanks for reading!