Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MWSB-Feb 26-Mar 7: Spring Break

I spent my Spring Break in Plummer, ID with 19 of my classmates. We all caravaned in 4 vehicles (not too comfortable riding all the way to ID in the back of a pickup . . . no not the bed, but the back seat of the cab. It wasn't too bad, but not very much leg room.), leaving right after lunch and getting to Plummer in the evening (around 8 I believe). Us girls slept at the pastor's house 2 houses away from the church and the guys slept at the youth pastor's house a bit outside Plummer.

We spent the week doing a bunch of service projects around Plummer and helping out with various youth groups around the area: Valleyford (Washington! Yes, we were that close to the border), Harrison, and Fernwood. That's all in addition to youth stuff in Plummer.

For the youth groups, we were pretty much in charge of the whole thing each night. We planned games (the garbage can game was one we played each time), some of us did a drama (the Everything skit), others led worship (I was on that, as well as worship on both Sundays we were there), some of us (myself included) shared our testimonies, and we also spent quite a bit of time hanging out with the kids wherever we went.

The service projects consisted of several things ranging from cleaning up manure for Wayne's father in law (Wayne is the youth pastor), to getting firewood, to painting the basement of the church in Plummer to cleaning house for a widow (which 2 of my classmates and I did). All these projects were very fun. 3 of my classmates painted a mural of Jesus walking on water on one of the hallway walls. That turned out really cool. On Saturday morning, we also helped clean the house of the Dole family. The first Friday we were there (the same day we left MWSB) their little baby Jethro was born, but with a heart defect. His heart was enlarged and not all of the valves were working. The doctors were unsure that he would last the night, but so far he has amazed so many people, and he is still alive today. He went in for surgery the Monday after we got back. But I'm getting a bit off topic. So, Saturday morning, since the family spent a lot of time at the hospital, their house ended up not very clean at all. We spent the whole morning cleaning up for them. My roommate was brave enough to clean out their fridge, there were people gathering bags and bags (and these are huge trash bags, not little bags) of dirty laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing, and organizing. It was hard work, but quite fulfilling.

For some fun activities, we spent some time at Wayne's, spent some time shooting, hanging out and watching movies. Very fun!

Overall this was a very fulfilling week, and if I get Venture next year, I plan on going again.

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