Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jayne Cobb Baby Hat

Yes I made a baby version of Jayne Cobb's hat. I made an adult version for my sister and had extra yarn. Why not design a baby version of this hat of pure awesomeness?? Note about the sizing though, I haven't actually tried this on a baby (only my sister's blue gorilla stuffed animal), so I don't know exactly what age this will fit, but I am pretty sure anyone older than 1 year will need a bigger hat. So here ya go! Jayne Cobb's hat for all the little "Firefly" fans in your life.

Baby Jayne Cobb Hat

Size: About 15” circumference. To fit around a 6 month old?

1 skein Cascade 128 Superwash each in color 820 Lemon (CA), 821 Daffodil (CB), and 822 Pumpkin (CC)
size 9 DPNs, set 5 (but only 4 of the 5 will be used until the crown)
st marker
pom pom maker (2” or 2 ½”)

Gauge: Measured on earflap: 8 ½ sts x 12 rows= 2” St st

Earflaps (make 2)
Cut a piece of Pumpkin (CC) about 4 ½” long. CO 2 leaving a 2” tail and placing the 4 ½” piece centered in between the two stitches. Wrap working yarn around tassels once, starting wrap around backside of tassels, turn.
Row 1: P across tightly
Row 2: Kfb twice
Row 3: P across, slipping 1st st P-wise
Row 4: Kfb, K to last st, Kfb

Rep rows 3-4 until 12 sts. Cont even in St st, slipping first st of ea K row K-wise ea P row P-wise, for 11 rows, starting and ending with a P row.

Cut yarn, leaving sts on DPN

Using a free needle and Daffodil (CB), CO 17 sts, K across 12 sts of one earflap having the RS facing, Using a second needle, CO 17 sts, Using a third needle, K across 12 sts of other earflap having the RS facing. Pm to mark beg of rnd. Redistribute sts on needles as follows: 20 sts on 1st needle, 18 sts on 2nd needle, and 20 sts on 3rd needle—58 sts.

Work 3 rnds 1x1 ribbing, then 11 rnds even St st.

Change to Lemon (CA) and work 6 rnds St st

Shape Crown
Rnd 1: K2tog, (K8, K2tog) 5 times, K rem 6 sts—52 sts
Rnd 2: Note: start using all 5 needles here *Using free needle, K 11, k2tog * 4 times, using all 5 needles as necessary—48 sts, 12 on ea of 4 needles
Rnd 3, 5: K even
Rnd 4, 6: (K to 2 sts before end of needle, k2tog) 4 times—40 sts at end of rnd 6
Rep rnd 4 only until 16 sts rem.
Next rnd: K2tog around—8 sts
Cut yarn, draw through rem 8 sts, pull tight and secure on inside of hat.

Using all three colors, make a small pom pom using pom pom maker, or other method as desired (I just wrapped the yarn around 4 fingers). Trim to desired size—no smaller than 2” and sew to top of hat.

Weave in all ends except for the tassels at ends of earflaps.


  1. This is cute! I've made a Jayne Cobb hat for my daughter to wear to Dragon*Con. Yesterday she bought me the yarn to make a baby sized "Jayne Cobb's Love Child" hat for her daughter, Inara. True story!

  2. The way you've written this pattern out is very confusing to me, although this is beautifully cute.

    1. I'll see what I can do about revising it and making it clearer. Thanks for your comment!