Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Acacia's Socks

These socks came from a request at a family reunion from my young cousin, Acacia who asked me to make her a pair of socks. She had seen me give her older sister a pair that I had made (but were way too small for anyone in my immediate family) and wanted a pair. So I designed these on the train ride home from CA and named them after her. :)

Acacia's Socks

1 (2) balls 50g sock yarn
1 40” size 2 circular needle
yarn needle, scissors, 2 st markers

Notes/Techniques required:
Magic Loop knitting, Figure 8 cast on, sewn bind off, two-at-a-time, short-row heel

Twist Pattern:
Rnd 1: *K 2nd st on LH needle, do NOT slip off, K 1st st on LH needle, slip both sts off, K2* around
Rnds 2, 4: K
Rnd 3: *K2, K 2nd st on LH needle, do NOT slip off, K 1st st on LH needle, slip both sts off* around.

Rep rnds 1-4 for pattern

Twist Pattern can be used on top of foot and leg, or just on the leg (as in photo).

Written for a child's sock to fit foot 6” long, 3” wide. Instructions for adult socks in parenthesis.

“Side” refers to a part of the sts on one side of the circular needle

Using a Figure 8 cast on, CO 12 (16) sts using one end of yarn ball, rep using other end (second ball) for second sock. K even 1 rnd, placing marker to mark beg of rnd.

Inc beg and end of ea side of toe EOR until 48 (64) or desired width.

Work even in St st with optional Twist Pattern on 1st side of each sock until 1 ½” (2”) less than desired length.

Work short-row heel, one at a time, on 2nd side, to 8 (14) unworked sts before bringing sts back into play.

When both heels are complete, K 4 rnds. Beg chart and work to desired leg length minus about 1”

Work 1x1 rib for 7 (10) rnds.

Using a sewn bind off, BO all sts—Note: to do this, you will have to BO the sts in the same order as if you were knitting them. You will also have to move the yarn needle from tail to tail or use 2 yarn needles.