Monday, January 4, 2010

MWSB-A Tale of 9 Staples

No, I do not mean staples for fastening pieces of paper together. The staples I am referring to are the special, surgical kind, used in lieu of stitches for holding together long/deep wounds while they heal. Here's the story:

It's my first day back at MDub (MWSB's nickname) on January 3, and I decided to go inner tubing down one of the icy driveways. I had seen other students doing the same thing and figured, 'Hey, why not? It'll help pass the time'. So up to the top of the hill I go. About a minute later, I am careening down the hill on a rather large tube, screaming my head off the whole way down. It was pretty fun. For a few short seconds.

We (my tube buddy and I) are heading towards a cement-enclosed garbage/dumpster thing. The tube turns. I am now closest to the dumpster, and parallel to it. My thought as I saw the dumpster draw near was "Oh crap! I'm gonna crash into the metal door!!" And BOOM!! Crash I did. I got up, laughing, and my riding buddy (who had bailed and probably told me to do the same, as did other spectators, but I didn't hear anything else except my own screaming) then told me I was bleeding. Oh great. My grandpa (my mom's dad, who, along with Grandma, who had come with my mom and my 2 sisters and me to drop me off--I call him Papa Steve) saw what looked like a cut on my face, but then saw a stream of blood coming from up higher. He put his handkerchief to my head and walked me to the gym. One of my classmates brought me a chair to sit on, while I waited for one of the staff to take me up to another staff house (one of the staff living in that house was an EMT) to get me looked at and cleaned up.

Some minutes later, I am in the van with Papa Steve and Mom on our way out to Great Falls to the ER there. Whoopee. A few hours and some waiting later, I emerge from the ER sporting 9 lovely staples in my head, holding my 1 1/2" long cut (or at this point, it might be considered a gash) closed.

And that's the Tale of 9 Staples from my first day back at school, with class beginning the next day.

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