Saturday, January 23, 2010

MWSB-Jan 18-22: Intro to Missions

This week's class was called Intro to Missions. It was taught by Joel and Kristin Snyder, a missionary couple from New Tribes Mission. Their job requires them to stay in the States and train other missionaries for the field.

This class was more hands on than previous classes. On Tuesday, we participated in an exercise demonstrating some of what some missionaries have to deal with upon entering a tribe or people group and not knowing the language (and no one outside the tribe knows the language either). Some of us were the missionaries, and the rest of us (I fell into this category) were the Luna tribe. That was fun.

We also watched several videos of various tribes' stories of their experiences with missionaries. We also watched several group presentations (4 students per group, with 3 in one group) about various missions organizations: YWAM, MAF, Christar, Frontiers, Wycliffe, just to name a few of them. Those were very informative also.

This was a very fun and interesting class. It made me think a bit more about the possibility of serving the Lord in a similar way.

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