Thursday, January 14, 2010

Retro Rockstar Legwarmers

Retro Rockstar Legwarmers

At school we were having a Retro Rockstar/80s night, and I needed some legwarmers. I looked at the yarn I had in my dorm and lo and behold, 1 1/2 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy. Yay!! So, not finding a quick pattern to suit what I wanted, I designed these and whipped them up. The making spanned over two days, but I could've easily done them in one day. So here you go: Retro Rockstar Legwarmers. Note: they are easier than they look!

Size L (8mm) crochet hook
2 balls Lion Brand Jiffy (3 oz/85 g; 135 yds/123 m; 100% Acrylic)—Avocado (NOTE: if longer warmers are desired, you will need to buy a 3rd ball)

5 sc x 5 rows in Sc rib=2”

Sc Rib:
Every row: ch 1, sc across in back lp only

Crossed sts (CrSt):
Sk next st, dc in next st, going behind dc just made, dc in skipped st

Cuff (make 2):
Ch 6, leaving an 8” tail for sewing later
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea ch across—5 sc
Work in Sc Rib for 32 rows—about 12”
Do not fasten off! Extend lp so it doesn't come unraveled and remove hook so it's not so cumbersome. Using beginning tail, sew short ends together sewing through FLO's to keep integrity of ribbing. Place lp back on hook and return lp to normal size.

Ch 1, 32 sc around long end of cuff (you will be working into the ends of the rows), sl st to beg sc. Work now proceeds in rnds
Rnd 2: Ch 3, Work CrSt around (the first sk st is the one at the base of ch-3), join to beg ch-3—32 dc/16 crosses
Rnd 3: ch 1, sc around, join—32 sc
Rep rnds 2-3 (If desired, just rep rnd 2 only and skip rnd 3, in that case the first skipped st would be the first dc of the prev rnd) until you run out of yarn of one ball. Back-track and undo any sts to end of last complete CrSt rnd making sure you keep the sl st join.

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.


  1. I love this pattern! My mama loves the warm style as well. She says it's just like being back in the '80's!

  2. Thanks! I had a lot of fun designing them. I wanted something quick (since the theme night was either that night or the following night) and 80s looking; I think I got a win win here! :)

    These were nice and warm in the acrylic I used . . . imagine how warm they would be in wool or alpaca!

  3. It's been years since I crocheted but I have a friend that needs leg warmers for her daily walks that are helping to improve her health. So, I'll give it a try. Spent 35 yrs. in OR: God's country, we call it. Thanks.

  4. Awesome...I'm a true blue Oregonian too, sadly now live in Iowa though but miss Oregon alot