Monday, January 18, 2010

MWSB-Jan 11-15: Godly Relationships

January 11-15: Godly relationships class. Woohoo!! This class in the second week of second semester was taught by John and Terry Erickson--the director of MWSB and his wife.

I went into this class expecting to hear a lot about specifically guy/girl relationships, like dating/courting/leading to marriage. However, this class wasn't all that. We began with talking about relationships with other people in general and some of the character qualities we should be striving for and looking for in other people. I was slightly disappointed at first, but ended up liking the class a lot. We did end up talking about dating and what-not, but that wasn't until Thursday and Friday.

However, I got a lot of good stuff out of this class. Each one of us was required as part of our homework to write a character sketch on one of four people or groups of people listed. I chose to do mine on Ruth and I found a lot of the characteristics we had listed that were good for anyone to possess: loyalty, respect for authority, and a good work ethic to name some of them. Through this whole thing, we were challenged to become men and women of character.

Thursday began the guy/girl/boyfriend/girlfriend talks. We watched a video of an example of a courtship relationship (kind of an extreme one!) and then compared courtship with modern dating. We broke into groups and discussed these and sent a spokesperson up to the front to state what we had come up with. Our group determined that courtship has greater potential for a healthy relationship, but those involved in a courtship must be careful to avoid legalism.

All in all, this was a very good and interesting class. A lot of good things to remember and know.


  1. Another great post. Relationships (dating/friends/acquaintances/etc.) are an incredibly important part of our lives and can have a huge impact on who we are and what we do both good and bad. Relationships are also often entered into very casually so having some good training making/choosing positive relationships is a great thing.